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... because I made it :dummy:
2 weeks in the making because I had to think on every question and make it fun :D It's a "would you rather..."  tag with 20 questions

ok, so here's the clear version for everyone to use, my answers to it as well as all the people I'm tagging will be below that. If you like it, please spread it and torment your friends with it :D 

Would you rather Tag

1. If you post those rules you agree to play by them, it’s no fun otherwise
2. Below are 20 “would you rather” questions, choose one of the alternatives and explain why.
3. You can skip 3 questions, but for every one you didn't answer you have to post something embarrassing of weird about yourself.
4. Take your time, those questions work better if you think on them.
5. Questions are purely hypothetical and if any situation doesn't apply to you in real life, just pretend it does. 
6. When you’re done, tag few people to spread it.

Have fun

Would you rather...
01. cut off from the internet for a month, or forbidden to talk with anyone in real life?
02. ...give up reading books for a year, or give up listening to music for a year?
03. ...find the one true love early in your life or go through many relationships before finding the right person?
04. completely unaffected by alcohol, or wasted after a single sip?
05. ...know your exact time and place of death, or the time and place of death of your closest friend?
06. ...wake up to find that you have a body of the opposite sex, or wake up in a world where everyone except you was gender swapped?
07. ...let someone you love die, or sacrifice yourself instead, knowing how much they will miss you?
08. ...have your significant other cheat on you with someone of the same gender, or the opposite gender?
09. ...reveal your dirtiest secret to your parents or have them see all of your internet browsing history?
10. ...wake up after what looked like hot drunken sex with your non-romantic male friend or your non-romantic female friend?
11. ...never eat your favorite food again, or eat nothing but your favorite food?
12. a magical artifact of immense power, or advance piece of alien technology?
13. ...go on an adventure in a fantasy/medieval kingdom or a post apocalyptic urban wasteland?
14. a friend with someone who admitted to have romantic feelings toward you, or be in a relationship in which the other person doesn't share your feelings?
15. caught by your parents masturbating or accidentally send a naked picture to a random friend?
16. ...wake up to discover that the last year of your life was a dream or completely forget the last year even though it all happened?
17. ...spend a week alone in an exclusive five-star resort, or a week with a large group of friends in a run down camp?
18. ...never dream again, or have the same recurring dream all the time?
19. ...leave your home town never to return, or spend the rest of your life there without ever leaving?
20. transported to the last game you played with your current skill set, or be stranded on a deserted island with someone you hate?

My answers:
01. I guess talking to others will have to go. I don't really do it all that much outside of work and all the rest of my day-to-day communications can be done via the internet, o I'll choose it over talking. 

02. As hard as it would be, reading would have to go. I simply can't work with some kind of music in the background because otherwise all the noises distract me. 

03. I believe I already found my true love, but it wasn't the first one and I learned a lot out of my previous attempts, so I guess I'll take the longer, but more educational road. 

04. I'd rather be unaffected, since I don't care about getting drunk, but it's hard not drinking with friends in this country <_<

05. Tough choice, but I'd go with my own death. I'd have everything prepared for it at least and it would affect only me. 

06. I think I'd go with only myself changing... it would be far less confusing... I think.

07. It might sound cruel, but  it really depends on the person, because I know few would be devastated beyond repair if I did that, but for the most part, I'd sacrifice myself, because I know they would live on.

08. This one is hard, since the best choice would be "none of the above" but at least if she does it with another girl I'd have an argument for a threesome =P

09. Secret it is, because I don't really have all that many, while my browsing history is full of... "research and references" :paranoid:

10. Non-romantic female friend for sure, but she would most likely scratch my eyes out while with my best guy friend it would be more of a "we shall never speak of this again"... :paranoid: still... 

11. Never eat my favorite food again, because I'd get way too bored eating just one thing. 

12. This is a silly question, but I'd rather find a piece of technology which could be reverse-engineered and duplicated, while magic just seems too... random. 

13. I think I'm better prepared for a post-apocalyptic wasteland and while fantasy setting seems a bit more interesting, it's also more unpredictable. Less irradiated but far more things might want to actively
murder me. 

14. Both are really awkward and somewhat personal, but the first option tends to be less toxic and as long as we're honest about our intentions in this friendship it should be okay. 

15. Well... Sorry to whoever gets my picture, I'm sure we can somehow work this out :paranoid: And... don't be too jealous =P 

16. Another tough one, but I think I'd go with forgetting about the last year because of all the new things I could discover. I mean, my memories are gone, but not those of my friends. 

17. Run down camp all the way. I'll get to spend some time with people I like and tough conditions don't really scare me. 

18. Well, the question isn't about recurring nightmares, so it can be a pleasant dream, besides, most of the time I wouldn't remember it anyway... beats not having any dreams, I think. 

19. Not being able to return to my home city would be heartbreaking, especially since I love this city very much, but not being able to leave seems to be even worse. I'll go with leaving. 

20. The last game I played was modded Minecraft so I think I should be good... than again, I can't really think of anyone I really hate, but deserted islands tend to make people desperate... yeah, Minecraft it is. 

I tag... a lot of people because I want to spam this tag all over the place :D


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Thanks for the llama. :-)
Sun Dec 21, 2014, 1:45 AM
A true, true friend helps a friend in need.
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 3:26 PM
Let us sing!
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 3:26 PM
Thanks for faving!
Fri Sep 5, 2014, 8:33 PM
There is a shoutbox he said. It has a purpose he said.
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 10:44 AM
because random stuff
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 10:24 AM
So what's the point of this?
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 9:51 AM
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 9:35 AM
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 9:33 AM
This is going to end poorly now that you've told us this is here.
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 8:19 AM
No kto by pomyślał? Adi ma shoutboxa na profilu. :D
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 8:17 AM
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 6:06 AM
9 years later...
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 5:39 AM
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